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Chances are if you are new to Brick and Ivy Studio, and have heard us mention THE COOP you're probably wondering what we're cluckin' about! Let me start by saying that while we haven't added any chickens to the mix...we have just about flown over the cuckoo's nest with excitement over all this goodness!

THE COOP is the Studio's ode to the CO-OP! You know...COOPerative community-based ventures that people invest in for the good of the group! There are housing co-ops, food co-ops, business co-ops, educational co-ops and now Brick and Ivy Studio brings you a virtual learning co-op, called THE COOP!

For $10.00 a month, Brick and Ivy Studio will provide members of THE COOP with curriculum companions, called playbooks, and facilitate a private learning space through Facebook Groups! The playbooks are ripe with play invitations, poetry, provocations, sensory explorations, process art experiences, projects, recipes, and much much more! These playbooks have been designed to guide our collective early childhood learning adventure and gently frame our virtual conversation by inspiring the resources and videos we post on the Facebook Group page.

Let Brick and Ivy Studio honor the young children in your life by bringing nature, mindfulness, and creativity right to your inbox! Hop on over to THE COOP section of our website and click to join today!

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