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THE COOP is a cooperative learning, neighborhood hub that brings Brick and Ivy Studio goodness to those near and far. 

It is designed for families, teachers, administrators, and caregivers who want to infuse nature, PLAY, mindfulness, creativity, grace, and faith into the rhythms and routines of daily life and instruction.  

We believe that curriculum is a course or pathway at Brick and Ivy Studio.  To that end, the natural world, the physical environment, all of the materials, manipulatives, supplies, resources, and content become teachers in and of themselves impacting the adventure trail!

The COOP is meant to be a curriculum companion that celebrates the WONDER and JOY that simply is early childhood.  Let's share our stories, collaborate with local artisans and creatives to promote value-driven neighborhood shops, and co-design digital content with the hope of elevating the early childhood learning experience for all!

Be sure to reach out and join the COOP on our FACEBOOK page!


Kids in Vegetable Farm

The Coop

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